5 Seat Protection Tips Every Honda Owner Should Know

Hondas are well-known for keeping their value. Hondas last a long time, and they continue to provide reliable service for many years – often even decades. While the mechanics might stand the test of time, the appearance won’t if you don’t take good care of it. Even the best paint jobs and upholstery materials are going to wear down under the constant onslaught of dirt and grime.

If you want to continue to enjoy your Honda during all its years of service, and if you want your Honda to maintain its value, you’re going to need to take steps to protect its aesthetics. Here are five things you can do to protect the seats in your Honda:

Keep Out Food and Drinks

Food crumbs and spills are the biggest threats to your Honda interior around Arizona. Food can get smooshed into the fabric, and spills can cause permanent stains. Not only will the fabric look dirty, but it can also trap odors that you can’t eliminate.

The best way to prevent this problem is to make a habit of not eating or drinking in your car. No matter how careful you think you are, you will eventually have a spill. You can drop crumbs without even noticing that you did. Just wait until you’re at your destination to eat or drink, and your seats will be much better off.

Clean Spills Immediately

Maybe you break your “no food or drinks” rule because you’re in a hurry or because you have a guest and don’t want to tell them no. If you do have a spill, you need to clean it up immediately to reduce the chance that you’ll get a stain or trapped odors.

Keep extra towels in your car in case of such accidents. You might also want to keep a small bottle of cleaner to deal with any especially problematic spills.

Scotch Guard the Seats

Scotch Guard is designed to protect any kind of upholstery, whether in your house or in your car. You just spray it onto the fabric and let it dry. It keeps liquids and debris out of the fabric in order to keep it clean and odor free.

You may need to re-apply the Scotch Guard periodically to maintain the protection to your seats. Just make sure you keep up with so that your seats do not become damaged.

Keep Towels and Blankets in the Car

Maybe you need to travel with your dog. Scotch Guard can’t totally protect against all that hair and drool and stink. Or maybe you have a baby, and you have to deal with regular spit ups and blow outs. There are many potential dangers to your car seats.

Keep extra towels and blankets in your vehicle to protect against such accidents. You can cover the seat ahead of time if you know there is potential for a problem, or you can use the linens to clean up accidents.

Buy Custom Car Seat Covers

Custom car seat covers will not only improve the look of your Honda interior, but they will also protect the upholstery. Car seat covers are waterproof, and they protect your seats from all kinds of spills and stains. You can use one of your extra towels to wipe up the extra liquid, but you shouldn’t have to do any other cleanup in case of an accident.

You can find car seat covers around Arizona in all kinds of fabrics and designs, getting just the look you want without having to sacrifice the protection you get. You’ll protect your car seats and keep your Honda looking great for many years to come. You’ll love driving your Honda, and you’ll get more value out of it if you ever decide to sell.

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